Born:January 04, 1946

Passed Away:November 08, 2012

Location:Glendale, Arizona

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Ronnie Dean Jackson

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One Memory to “Ronnie Dean Jackson”

  1. David Wendell says:

    Ronnie – A Friend For Life

    We met in about the second grade. We played cowboys and Indians, we had dirt clod wars, we had cap guns and BB guns and we used them. We dug a deep hole with a tunnel in Ronnie’s back yard. We listened to pennies and other metal stuff bounce around in his Mom’s new Kirby vacuum. Pat and Ronnie had to get the house shaped up, doing vacuuming and stuff like that, before his Mom came home. She worked very hard at her job, day after day.

    During the summers we made long bicycle trips to faraway places such as Encanto Park. We fished golf balls out of the lagoon and let the lawn sprinklers chase us and catch us. When our bikes were just plain wore out or seemed unrepairable Ronnie’s Dad would take over. He knew how to fix just about everything and we were soon on our way.

    One day Ronnie’s Mom came home with a brand new Pink Rambler station wagon. That was really something. I don’t think I had ever ridden in a brand new car until then.

    We spent a couple of summers “junking” old cars with Ronnie’s Brother-In-law. We had some fun, a lot of adventure and made some money too.

    We rode motor scooters everywhere, even to Saguaro Lake, Cavecreek and Seven Springs. We both had our share of accidents and probably some scars from those years. We were really lucky nothing worse happened!

    During high school we worked at the Rodeo Drive In Theatre. One summer we worked there all night and then went to another drive in to be custodians during the day.

    We worked together for the City and Ronnie demonstrated his knowledge and talent by developing a computer training course for new employees (computers were just being introduced in those days). Ronnie got along with everyone and could always be counted on, especially in an emergency. He took all the “Action Jackson” teasing with a smile and a laugh.

    I miss my friend.

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