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Best Funeral Services offers families the most affordable cremation and burial services in the Metro Phoenix area.

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Welcome to Best Funeral Services facilities. Click to learn more about our North Central Phoenix and Peoria Funeral Homes.

Burial Services

Our team will sit down and discuss your needs, arrange transport, and help handle all of the paperwork needed to take care of your loved ones.

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Their prices were also about 40% cheaper than the big funeral chains. I recommend to skip over the big chains and go straight to Best Funeral Services, and I found out that Best is also family owned. Andrea

A wonderful experience throughout the process.. went above and beyond. Were very kind to the family. Tita

The staff transported her body immediately over with ease. the staff was nice. it was a calm atmosphere during her funeral and the staff listened to your wishes and requests. RoseMary

Burial and Cremation Services

It is possible, and even encouraged, to hold a funeral service whether you are choosing burial or cremation. Today, both are practiced regularly, although cremation is expected to exceed the number of burials by 2025. The rise of cremation popularity in today’s world has not lessened interest in holding a funeral, whether it be traditional or distinctive. We pride ourselves in offering comfortable, friendly and affordable burial, cremation and transfer options to those in the Valley of the Sun. 

Best Funeral Reviews

Best Funeral Services is rated 3.8 out of 5 based on 91 reviews from around the Web.
Tyler Y.
L R F.
Mike N.
Thanh P.
This is an amazing place the staff is very professional and understanding about our needs and explained everything to us and are outstanding in their ability to make sure you have all of cares and concerns in mind.
John V.
Excellent service. Extremely helpful and very compassionate.
Raymond C.
Lesa was supportive, caring and professional when my sister-in-law passed away! RIP Jodi Lynn♥
nada j.
Love you always,your big brother
Michael F.
My Wife of 40 years recently passed away.
Dave M.
Acuña P.

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