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Best Funeral Services offers families the most affordable burial services in the Phoenix Arizona.


Our team will sit down and discuss your needs, arrange transportation, and help handle all the paperwork needed to take care of your loved ones.


We offer immediate help when your loved one has passed away and help complete all the paperwork and services needed, so you can focus on your family.

The Burial

With the passing of a loved one, family members are often responsible for planning a funeral burial or memorial service in the midst of deep grief. While the details of organizing a ceremony can feel overwhelming and confusing, know that there are resources readily available to assist you during this difficult period. In time, you will come to look back at this moment as when the grieving process truly begins. Our English word, “funeral,” comes from the Greek, with a derived meaning ‘to take care of someone.’ In our society today, that can refer to the final taking care of the deceased, as well as taking care of those left to mourn a loved one’s loss. Today, we offer service options in a variety of forms, including Reflections or Celebration of Life in addition to the more traditional methods. Each service can be held onsite at our chapel, at the cemetery or in your chosen place of worship. If you have religious affiliations with a particular clergy member, they are also invited to perform the ceremony on our grounds. Many traditions include a visitation or viewing of the deceased. This can be helpful in providing distinct closure for loved ones. If a public viewing feels too intrusive for you, this can be limited to family-only. Whatever form the burial funeral takes shape, our goal is to provide a meaningful experience for friends and family to find strength in one another and peace through remembrance.


Advance Burial Planning

Many boomers having had the experience of planning a parent’s burial have begun to pre-plan their own. While it is a difficult conversation to have with a spouse or child, there is often a sense of relief that comes from dealing with one’s final memorialization in advance. This also gives loved ones an opportunity to enter into the planning process with a sense of certainty about the deceased’s wishes. Perhaps a favorite song will be played or a poem read. Pre-planning can be a positive way to individualize a funeral with personal touches that will help to create a loving memory to return to in the mourning process.


Working with a Funeral Director

When constructing a funeral, a compassionate Funeral Director can be a source of guidance and support. Having managed this task with countless others, our Funeral Directors can offer options and clear choices as you select the arrangements for your loved one. A person that chooses this profession understands the unique and intimate position they hold as they navigate you through this difficult process. They are there to assist you at every step of the way in order to ensure that dealing with the loss of a loved one is made with as little additional strife as possible. A Funeral Director will also assist in navigating the often-confusing territory of funeral costs by offering options from essential to elaborate. If cost is a major concern, always let your Funeral Director know in advance so that they may take care in assisting you to remain within a reasonable budget. Most importantly, a Funeral Director will make certain that the unseen details and hidden mechanics of the funeral process are attended to at each turn.

Burial Vs. Cremation Funeral Services

It is possible and even encouraged, to hold a funeral service whether you are choosing burial or cremation. Today, both are practiced regularly, although cremation is expected to exceed the number of burials by 2025. The rise of cremation popularity in today’s world has not lessened interest in holding a funeral, whether it be traditional or distinctive.

Why a Funeral is Important

These events are intended to celebrate and commemorate a life. They can range in expression from the traditional to unique, tailored to best reflect the person being memorialized. They also act as an important touchstone for those left to grieve the loss. A service can be the first step in enacting a path to healing by gathering friends and family together to share thoughts, reflections, memories, and expressions of love. While customs and traditions vary widely among cultures, most people share a need to create a ceremony to mark the passing of a loved one. It is one of our species’ oldest practices, even predating homo sapiens with earliest evidence dating back 300,000 years.

As we remain social creatures, the ritual provided by the funeral service is very important. Often, religious or cultural affiliations will dictate choices regarding the final arrangements of a loved one. However, each funeral can be tailored to best reflect the individual mourning process of each family while taking into account the wishes and preferences of the deceased. At Best Funeral Services, we are able to offer a range of customizable options to hold true to this important ritual, yet also find a number of ways to embed meaning throughout the event. Contact us for more information.

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First of all I never thought I would be writing a review for a funeral home however I lost my sister very sudden.

Julia handled everything for me and my family. She and the staff are the reason why they are named best funeral home. They blended in with our guest and you could tell they genuinely care and want to help make everything seamless. Julia went as far as giving me her personal cell number and advised me to call anytime. Its rare when I get amazing customer service. T

hank you so much. I cant even thank you enough. If your wanting care and that white glove service then choose this funeral home because they will go that extra mile.


There is a reason why the word Best is in the name Best Funeral Services & Chapel. They truly are the best. My father died unexpectedly and I didn’t have any experience in funeral homes.

After meeting with a large funeral home chain, I knew that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go. I found Best Funeral Services online and that same day I was able to meet with Julia Ramirez. Their packages were simple and very straightforward. No hidden fees like the other funeral home. Julia was very empathetic, professional and sweet during the entire planning process. I highly recommend her, she is like a friend a friend to me now.

Their prices were also about 40% cheaper than the big funeral chains. I recommend to skip over the big chains and go straight to Best Funeral Services, and I found out that Best is also family owned. Their employees are wonderful and professional, the chapel is beautiful and there isn’t any pressure. This is what you need when you are dealing with an unexpected death in the family.


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Call Us Anytime, Day OR Night – (602) 906-9600


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