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Cremation Pricing

Cremation Prices-Quick Reference Guide

Best Funeral Services is proud to own and operate our ON-SITE CREMATORY located at our funeral home.  The families that we serve appreciate that their loved one is in a secure location without the need for transportation to an off-site crematory.

Many funeral homes sub-contract cremations to crematories that store hundreds of people from all over the state.  This increases the opportunity for terrible mistakes.

Please make sure that the funeral home that you choose owns and operates an on-site crematory at the funeral home.

For your convenience, below is a quick reference guide that displays the Best cremation prices.  This guide is intended to give families an easy way to access our pricing for the most common cremation options.

For a detailed pricing explanation, we encourage you to use our free online planning tool. This is a FREE service with NO OBLIGATION, designed specifically to provide you with an online way of considering arrangements at your time of need.

Free Identification Verification is available for all families.  This is a complementary service offered by Best Funeral Services for over 25 years (A $200 value at most other funeral homes). Ask us why an Identification Verification is very important today!

Cremation Options

There Are 3 Main Choices For Cremation:

1. Direct Cremation - $995.00 Plus Arizona Approved Cremation Casket or Container A direct cremation is for families who do not wish to have a public visitation/viewing or celebration of life.

2. Cremation Followed by Memorial Service - $1,295.00 Plus Arizona Approved Cremation Casket or Container

A Cremation Followed by a Memorial Service is for families who wish to have a Celebration of Life with family and friends of their loved one.

Celebrations of Life can be faith based, non-religious, a time to share memories or a combination of everything.  We encourage families to personalize a service in any way that is appropriate.

3. Traditional Funeral Service Followed by Cremation - $2,495.00 Plus Cremation Casket or Rental Casket (the rental casket is the most popular choice for many families)

A Traditional Funeral Service Followed by Cremation is for families who wish to honor their loved one with a funeral service and public visitation/viewing before cremation. Families have the option of an open or closed casket visitation and funeral service.

A traditional service can be faith based, a life celebration, a time to share memories or a combination of everything.  We encourage families to personalize services in anyway that is meaningful.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

First of all I never thought I would be writing a review for a funeral home however I lost my sister very sudden.

Julia handled everything for me and my family. She and the staff are the reason why they are named best funeral home. They blended in with our guest and you could tell they genuinely care and want to help make everything seamless. Julia went as far as giving me her personal cell number and advised me to call anytime. Its rare when I get amazing customer service. T

hank you so much. I cant even thank you enough. If your wanting care and that white glove service then choose this funeral home because they will go that extra mile.


There is a reason why the word Best is in the name Best Funeral Services & Chapel. They truly are the best. My father died unexpectedly and I didn’t have any experience in funeral homes.

After meeting with a large funeral home chain, I knew that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go. I found Best Funeral Services online and that same day I was able to meet with Julia Ramirez. Their packages were simple and very straightforward. No hidden fees like the other funeral home. Julia was very empathetic, professional and sweet during the entire planning process. I highly recommend her, she is like a friend a friend to me now.

Their prices were also about 40% cheaper than the big funeral chains. I recommend to skip over the big chains and go straight to Best Funeral Services, and I found out that Best is also family owned. Their employees are wonderful and professional, the chapel is beautiful and there isn’t any pressure. This is what you need when you are dealing with an unexpected death in the family.



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